Between Us Production

is an advertising photo and video production, and casting company.

All the members of our different teams have a long experience in various fields of expertise such as Communication, Marketing, Casting, Events Management, Fashion…
Our services are dedicated to Marketing and Communication Department of Companies, to Public Institutions, and to Advertising Agencies.
In tune with our clients, we take part in the creation of their projects and help them to finalise them.
We offer a total production package, or a more targeted support :
– We organise their castings in a studio or in their premises, in their product context. We select the models matching their demand and their visuals.
We negotiate the best performance fees and usage fees with Model and Actor Agencies, Agents, …
– We take care of the production management of their Advertising Campaigns and Productions :

• Scouting of outdoor locations in France or abroad in cooperation with our international network.
• Scouting of indoor locations or studios.
• Securing of all the necessary legal and administrative authorisations and permits concerning film and photo shoots with the relevant public bodies, administrations and private organisms.
• Managing of the entire preproduction process in order to find the best solutions to their project.
• Production Stage management and logistics :

◦ Equipment rental : photo, video, lights, technical and miscellaneous…
◦ Vehicle, Winnebago, props rental, …
◦ Hotel bookings, airplane & train tickets.
◦ Catering services

– We can also suggest a panel of selected photographers, directors, hair and makeup artists, prop persons, stylists, set-designers in close harmony with the creative project.